Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kiama Surprise Birthday Trip

Friday 3rd August, just finished work and Joseph insits I meet him promptly at the gallery. Arrive and Joseph tries to give me my first birthday gift. I refuse, its not my birthday until Sunday. Sceptically I open a small brown paper package to find a small leather purse with the number 419. We're going to Sam's mum caravan for my birthday weekend extravaganza.

Arrived at nightime to our weekend caravan abode

Awoke to beautiful sunshine

and incredible views

caravan signage

our friends for the weekend

the intrepid explorer

red nails on the bench

our caravan's rear view

greasy fringe, yuck

happy camper 1

Happy camper 2

Sleepy camper with view

camper 2 explores camp

birthday girl opening her gifts

birthday breakfast

further explorations

sea views


Blogger Av said...

Oh my god!I just left you a really long response but it disappeared! Love the nails!

I am done in the shop and now back at work - need a new job really badly I think it is worse here than in the shop.

Weather looks lovely overthere its been raining here solidly for ten days!

Boo Hoo!

Love you

August 21, 2007 at 5:53 AM  

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