Sunday, September 2, 2007


Ladd, Tristan and a hungover Mark Drew took the trip out to Penrith Regional Gallery for the zine fair on the Saturday morning.

We took some coffee while we waited for Tronix. Luckily he slept with his shoes on, so he didn't have to waste time tying his laces.

And so he turned up, an unusually blurry-eyed remnant from the previous nights party.

And off we went.

Journey Kip.

New import, Tristan drove. I like the attitude - I have hardly driven in Sydney, but fuck yeah I'll drive out to Penrith, while the locals just sit and play with Volkswagon's many gadgets. Ken the GPS system was pretty helpful too.

So we arrived at the beautiful destination on the lake.

Brook Andrew's show there was amazing.

Inside the zine exhibit.

There were a few of the boys zines in there.
Me and Baretto

Max Olyjnik


The Hapiness Shrine had a message for me. I am glad I can make people happy.

I love these kinda plants, and the gallery gardens had heaps.

Man-about-town Garry Trinh was present

For Glenn Barkley's talk.

Odd girls playing with dolls.

End of day, stoop posing.


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